Ancelotti: “I don’t see racism in Spain”

“I don’t give Vinícius advice because I’m not his father”

MADRID, Sep. 17 (.) –

The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, has assured that “he does not” see racism in Spain despite the racist expressions directed towards the Brazilian Vinícius in recent days, and has stated that in the locker room they only talk about “football” and one thinks of this Sunday’s derby against Atlético de Madrid, to which they arrive “with a good dynamic and motivated”.

“In Spain I don’t see this form of racism. I stick with the club’s statement and that of Vinícius. From there, we talk about football. The player is fine and eager to try to help the team,” he declared at a press conference . “I can assure you that it does not affect the locker room or Vinícius. We are focused on the game, we don’t talk about these issues in the locker room, we talk about football,” he continued.

In addition, the Italian coach insisted that “racism is one thing and what happens in football is another.” “There is talk of provocation, racism is much more important. He has answered very well in his statement,” he said, although he acknowledged that he has not given him any advice. “I’m not his father and I’m not his brother, I’m just his coach,” he said. “For me, nothing is happening to him. He is playing football with the quality that he has and the happiness that he has,” he continued.

About the derby, the white coach assured that they arrive “well, with good dynamics and motivated”. “We played against a strong opponent, it’s a special game because it’s a derby. We prepare it to try to do our best”, he said. “I expect a competitive match where we don’t expect anything new, neither do they. I think it will be a good football match, because the individualities are very high. It’s not a definitive match, it’s an important match because of the rivalry,” he added.

In addition, he joked about the fact that his team has not conceded any goals in the second parts of this season, in which he has also scored a large part of his goals. “We have the strategy of fatigue, we let people believe that we are tired and in the second half we take advantage of it,” he said with a laugh. “We are going to play a soccer game in a rival field, it is quite normal that the fans of Atlético de Madrid support his team,” he said about the possible reception of the mattress supporters.

However, he did not want to enter into the controversy over the few minutes that Antoine Griezmann has due to the transfer clause with FC Barcelona. “Entering the Griezmann issue is a bit strange. Every coach has to make decisions at times, they have responsibility. Simeone always did well, Atlético fights in Spain and in Europe thanks to a coach like Simeone”, he pointed out.

He did value the long stay of Diego Pablo Simeone on the rojiblanco bench. “It seems to me that the connection between Simeone and the players is very close and that is a big part of the success. Simeone is capable of building a very strong relationship with the players”, he analyzed.

Regarding his players, he confirmed that Karim Benzema “is not ready for the game” but “will be ready for the next one”, while Eder Militao is “ready to play”. “It may or may not be that he plays from the beginning,” he added, before talking about Rodrygo. “He is gaining confidence, he is taking advantage of the minutes. With the youngsters we have to be patient, and there is a moment when they grow and learn from the players with more experience. The fact of having more prominence helps him to have more confidence”, he indicated.

Finally, he was pleased with the call from ‘la Roja’ to Marco Asensio. “This is football. We are happy that he has been called up by the Spanish team. He has the quality to be called up and Luis Enrique has understood it,” he concluded.

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