Ancelotti: “Celebrating is a good thing on the mental side”

“Winning a title with Real Madrid is something special”


The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, was “very happy” and even excited after winning the Spanish League with the white team, the one that was missing from the five major European championships, and confessed that the “celebration” will help to face the challenge of the Champions on Wednesday against Manchester City.

“It is a success for everyone, the players have done very well, they have had a lot of commitment, we have been very consistent throughout the season and we have failed few games. We have done very well,” he said in statements to Movistar Plus, collected by Europe Press.

“The key moments have been two breaks. The first break we lost against Espanyol and Sheriff, we fixed things at the back and achieved many wins in a row. In the second half it was the defeat against Barcelona, ​​and the game against Celta , which was very difficult, from there the team has gained confidence and we have achieved it”, he added, after 4-0 against Espanyol.

Ancelotti achieved his long-awaited League with Madrid in that full European major league. “I’m very proud of this, it’s still a very long career but I enjoy it, because now I’m at Real Madrid. Winning a title with Real Madrid is something special. It’s the first time I’ve won it at the Bernabéu, the atmosphere is something special,” he said.

“The celebration is a good thing in the mental aspect. We are professionals, tonight we all celebrate together, tomorrow we train and on Wednesday we play another very important game. We are going to be ready. If someone cuts a leg today during the celebration…, It won’t happen. Today we have to enjoy ourselves, and thank everyone”, he added thinking about possible oversights with a lot at stake.

The Italian coach ended the interview emotionally, almost letting a tear escape. “We are happy, I am happy. It is genetics, my father did it and my grandfather, I was moved, it means that I am very happy,” he finished.

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