Anasuya- Vijay Deverakonda trolled with money to compromise with fans: Anasuya

Anasuya Bharadwaj – Vijay Deverakonda: An unknown gap has been created between Telugu star hero Vijay Deverakonda, star anchor and actress Anasuya Bharadwaj from the movie Arjun. It is common for her to target Vijay Devarakonda in one way or another. In return, Vijay Devarakonda’s fans target Anasuya. What’s the fuss about Vijay Devarakonda’s latest movie Khushi with the name The Vijay Devarakonda on the poster? She made comments saying that it is enough if such bile does not touch us. Before long, all the fans of the rowdy star went crazy on Anasuya. Excited by harsh words. But she also did not eat less. She also gave answers through social media. However, in a recent interview, she said that she will not do any more disputes with Vijay Devarakonda’s fans and will give it a full stop. Why did Anasuya, who was like fire and salt, take such a decision? There were no doubters. If Anasuya was asked the same question, she did not want to hide anything. She said, “I have always had a love-hate relationship with the media. I am without filters. It’s not me.. my photos are the same. I’ll say it as it is. I thought you would write it the way you say it. But they are taking out negative connotations in it.

The only reason I am saying that I will not continue the fight with Vijay Deverakonda fans is for peace of mind. He was angry that someone would talk about his mother like that. I am a woman and a mother. We struggle all our life to get praise from anyone who wakes up early. But the social media is talking as if they liked Punyama. It broke my heart to know that it was also done with money. I don’t have PRs. I tried to call Vijay. But it was not possible,” he said.

Anasuya is an anchor who has impressed with many TV shows including Jabardasth. Now the focus is on movies. Yankaramma, who impressed as a police officer in Kshanam, as Rangamatta in Rangasthalam, as Dakshayani in Pushpa The Rise, recently impressed as a prostitute named Sumathi in Vimanam. Also getting ready to impress with the movie Pushpa 2.

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