An Israeli minister calls Sánchez to reprimand him while Puente speaks of “indiscriminate murders” of civilians

New chapter in the open crisis with Israel for the response of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to the offensive in Gaza. This Friday, it emerged that Pedro Sánchez spoke with the Israeli minister Benny Gantz. Both have published their impressions of the talk on their social networks. The conversation was requested by Israel at the same time that it decided to call the ambassador in Spain for consultations, after Sánchez criticized Israel again in a television interview.

Gantz, former Minister of Defense and leader of the Israeli opposition who joined the war cabinet formed by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, after the savage attacks of 7-O, has indicated that he has conveyed to Sánchez the latest data on the operation in Gaza emphasizing “Hamas must be dismantled in Gaza” to restore stability in the region and to guarantee Israel’s security.

“I added that the State of Israel attaches great importance to avoiding as many civilian casualties as possible. On the other hand, Hamas continues to commit horrendous crimes against humanity such as using children and women as human shields in their terrorist activity“, he stressed in a clear response to Sánchez’s accusations that Israel would be “skipping legality.”

The Spanish president, for his part, has confirmed that conversation, reaffirming his position. According to him, he has reiterated that Israel “is a partner and friend of Spain”, he has condemned the Hamas attacks but has also pointed out that “Spain considers the death of civilians in Gaza unbearable and that Israel must comply with International Humanitarian Law.”

His words come the same day that the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, has referred to the conflict, accusing Israel of committing “indiscriminate murder against the civilian population.” Asked by the media in a few days of El Diario, this is how he referred to the diplomatic conflict, considering it essential that his government reaffirmed this position and thus stoking tensions with the Jewish country.

Puente has defended that “it cannot be that children and civilians are killed in response to a terrorist attack.” “We as a country cannot turn our backs on Human Rights,” said the minister and pointed out that the Hamas attacks “have been roundly condemned” by the Spanish Government and “Israel has every right to defend itself against these atrocities.” , but reiterated that “the answer cannot be to violate international legality.”

It so happens that Sánchez has coincided at the opening of the COP28 climate summit in Dubai with the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog. However, according to government sources, there was no contact between them even though they were in the same room at the summit and in the family photo of the leaders attending the event.

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