An ex-police officer arrested for controlling the African cocaine route


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The National Police, in collaboration with the authorities of Ghana and Ivory Coast, has arrested this Friday to Miguel Ángel DM, former police officer from Vigo between 1999 and 2003when he was expelled from the police force.

According to police sources who have informed Europe Pressthe investigation has made it possible to arrest one of the most important traffickers of the African cocaine route. The operation has discovered two tons of narcotics.

Between 50 and 60 tons of cocaine circulate annually along the African route

The former police officer had already been booked by the police force as allegedly responsible for a large number of drug trafficking operations. down this route annually circulate between 50 and 60 tons of this type of substance. The detainee has a history of trafficking in weapons and explosives, and forgery of identity documents, according to The voice of Galicia.

The Ivory Coast authorities they have arrested the ex-policeman, who tried to cross the border and leave the country along with nine other detainees. The organization trafficked cocaine by sea and air from South America to Africa, to reach Europe.

During detention, two tons of cocaine have been seized at the company’s headquarters in the country with facilities in the port town of San Pedro, on the border with Liberia. The National Police has reported that the main person in charge of the network is unaccounted for.

1.8 tons of cocaine

Agents identified two Spaniards aboard a ship at risk of shipwreck about 300 nautical miles off the Ghanaian coast, rescued by Maritime Salvage. The men, collaborators of the detainee, refused to board the ship, which raised the suspicions of the police force. In this way, they identified a Spanish network that operated in Africa to receive and carry out shipments of large amounts of cocaine to Europe.

In Côte d’Ivoire, agents discovered 168 kilos of cocaine for a complaint about an altercation in a hotel between a Colombian guest and some prostitutes he had hired. The male, who turned out to be the “cook” of the organizationbegan an escape accompanied by his mother, his wife, his son and one of the sailors, a member of the organization.

Although the agents were able to arrest the defendant, they later discovered more than 1.8 tons of cocaine. The detainee had a history of drug trafficking, explosives and weapons, as well as forgery of identity documents.


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