An employee of a major brewery was caught relieving himself in a tank used to make beer

A brewery worker was caught urinating in a tank used to make beer. In the shocking clip, a Tsingtao brewery worker, dressed in blue overalls, is seen climbing a wall towards the malt tank before relieving himself of the grains.

The Chinese company says it has reported the images, which received tens of millions of views, to police and that the batch of malt has been sealed and will not be used.

Tsingtao said: “We are intensifying our management efforts to ensure product quality,” adding that the company’s production continues as normal. “It is understood that the company believes that the guy works for the brewery or the company that delivered the beans.”

Lawyer Shao Ke said he believes the man’s actions violated local health regulations, which could result in a sentence of up to seven years in prison. It is understood the person who filmed the video, which was shared on social media site Weibo, was arrested.

Authorities in the city of Pingdu, where the factory is located, said they immediately carried out an investigation of the brewery after seeing the video and are treating the matter seriously.

After the clip appeared, the company, which is China’s second-largest beer maker, invited consumers to visit the factory to see how the beer is made.

Social media users criticized the worker’s actions and said they could ruin the brand’s reputation. One person said: “Asshole who will ruin a lot of money, this worker has done real damage here.”

Another wrote: “Thank goodness I don’t drink beer, but it is unimaginable that this brand would end because of that.”

After the clip was shared, Tsingtao shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 1% on Friday and 7.5% on Monday morning.

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