An Argentine Army corporal sentenced for sexually assaulting a soldier

An Argentine court has confirmed the conviction of a member of the Argentine Army for sexually assaulting a colleague and has classified the event as a case of gender violence and institutional. The assailant, a corporal first of the body, he had abused a female soldier while the two shared a guard duty. The Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassationwhich is the second largest judicial body in the country on the matter, has unanimously approved the decision.

The events happened in 2018. The military Sergio Alejandro Gonzalez now faces three years of suspended prison. This condition allows the defendant to avoid jail, although he is considered solely responsible for the crime. The effective fulfillment of the sentence is left in suspense, with the requirement that the convicted person follow some certain obligations during the established period.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s OfficeOn the day of the events, the corporal began to speak arrogantly to the victim, asking if he could sleep with her, something that the woman rejected from the beginning. Immediately afterwards, the man entered her room and locked her up, to then act insistently and commit the crime. sexual assault.

The victim reported what happened to the head of the corresponding delegation of the Federal police. The judges, at the time, had disapproved of González’s conduct, indicated for taking advantage of the context and “the situation of hierarchical superiority” to attack his partner. The woman left the Argentinian army as a result of this case. The Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation has ratified the sentence and closes the episode as a sample of sexist violence.

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