Amnesty International demands that the Government suspend the sale of arms to Peru due to the repression

International Amnesty (AI) has asked the Government to suspend “immediately” the sale of arms to Peru for “the human rights violations” that are taking place in the demonstrations against the Executive of Dina Boluarte. The demonstrators demand the resignation of the president and the calling of early elections.

Since the protests began, there have been more than 50 dead. The organization in defense of human rights has indicated that it has documented “concerning operations” to repress concentrated citizens. AI has further denounced that Spain is the “main supplier of arms to Peru in the European Union“.

The entity has warned that there is a “clear risk” that the material is being used to “violently and illegally silence the Peruvian people.” This has led to International Amnesty to request by letter to the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Margarida Mendezthe suspension of exports.

The organization has transferred that “the Arms Trade Treaty which obliges not to authorize exports when there is a substantial risk of use to commit or facilitate serious violations of international human rights law”.

Therefore, it has demanded that “the unexecuted authorizations for lethal and anti-riot material be revoked, and this measure be maintained until those responsible for human rights violations committed by the Peruvian Army and police be prosecuted”. In addition, they request that “the security forces receive training that allows them to use this material in accordance with international standards on the use of force.”

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