American football: Buffalo player’s health improves after heart attack

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Buffalo Bills defender Damar Hamlin, hospitalized after a violent shock Monday during an NFL game, is starting to wake up and his condition is in “remarkable improvement”, his club announced Thursday.

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin shows a “remarkable improvement” in his state of health, three days after his cardiac arrest during an NFL (American football league) game, his club announced on Thursday January 5, his doctors stating that he was starting to wake up.

“According to doctors caring for Damar Hamlin, although he remains in critical condition, he has demonstrated that he appears to be neurologically intact. His lungs continue to heal and he is making steady progress,” the Bills said in a morning statement.

Later, two of the surgeons in charge of the 24-year-old patient, confirming his “substantial progress over the past 24 hours”, gave some details on the evolution of his state of health, during a press conference.

Hamlin “is now showing signs of good neurological recovery as well as overall clinical improvement as has been previously reported, related not only to his vital signs but also to many of his other individual organs,” said Dr. William Knight, physician. Principal and Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

“Since this (Thursday) morning, he has started to wake up, and it seems that his neurological condition and functions are intact,” added Dr Timothy Pritts, head of the general surgery division of the same establishment, recalling however that “He remains in critical condition and continues to be treated in the intensive care unit.”

“We wanted to allow him to wake up gradually as the rest of his body healed. And last night he was able to emerge and follow directions,” he continued. “He even asked who had won the match”, not vocally but in writing.

Reanimated in the field

If the precarious state of the player imposes caution, a wind of optimism finally seems to blow on his fate, almost 72 hours after the cardiac arrest of which he suffered, after suffering a terrible shock to the chest by tackling an opponent. , during the game against the Bengals.

An impressive sequence seen by millions of viewers, attending this match between two candidates for the Super Bowl, in a packed stadium, suddenly reduced to silence. Within it, players from both teams gathered around him, many of them praying on their knees, some in tears.

The player was taken care of quickly to receive first medical treatment, for more than half an hour. An emergency intervention hailed by Dr. Knight. “A significant number of care teams” were present and “participated in helping Damar Hamlin on the ground. This allowed very immediate resuscitation”.

The NFL, which postponed the game indefinitely, “has not yet made a decision regarding its possible rescheduling at a later date,” she said Tuesday.

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