Amazon jumps into the cloud game with Luna, with a weak catalog but an outstanding mobile experience

The Amazon Luna remote. – .

MADRID, Dec. 8 (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

amazon has joined in Spain to the cloud gaming platform market with Luna, a subscription that gives access to a catalog of games, a more fluid and direct experience with the official controller and the possibility of linking the account with other digital services to expand the games or broadcast.

Moon can be play on different screens and operating systems and with different controllers, such as those on the mobile screen or third-party controls. But since at Portaltic we have been able to test it with the Luna remote, the one that Amazon has designed for its service, we are going to focus the review on this modality.

He Moon command have a design in line with the rest of video game controllers, and opts for the identifying color of the service: purple. It’s wireless and the packaging includes two batteries. It also features a larger circular button located in the center, which lights up to notify the status. It also has haptic technology.

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The particular thing about this command is that it is compatible with Amazon’s own Cloud Direct technology, which connects you directly to this technology company’s servers to reduce latency and allow you to easily switch from one screen to another, for example, from Fire TV to your mobile phone, without the need for pairing or additional configuration.

That is, although Luna is compatible with controls from other brands, the controller designed by Amazon is the one that will get the most out of the gaming platform. And although it is true that the loading times are fast and that the games do not cause problems, and it even allows you to pause and resume the games on another screen from it, this is where each one must Consider whether it is worth spending 70 euros if you already have a compatible controller at home.

Continuing with Mando Luna, to be able to use it, Amazon has prepared a mobile application that allows you to link it with the user account. To configure it, you just have to follow the instructions and in a few steps you can link.

From here on, to use it you must have Bluetooth connectivity activated and have it linked with the relevant permissions on the device where you are going to play. In this case, we have opted for an Android smartphone.

On Android, you have to download another application to, yes, access Luna. Here are found different configuration options for additional drivers, parental controls, user profile, etc. And it allows you to link the account that the players have in Ubisoft, but also Discord and Twitch, for the live broadcasts.

In this case, we have not linked any other account and we have started gossiping about the catalog offered Moon in her library, that consists of more than one hundred games. The variety is wide, and you find titles like Batman Arkham Knight, Resident Evil 2, several Sonic and Metal Slug and Yakuza, but it is true that They miss more powerful titles, although the idea is that more will be added.

The experience offered by the combo Luna + mobile controller is the same as that of a portable console, and to facilitate its use it includes a adapter that hooks it to the phone. The main limitation is the screen size, Well, there are games, such as those that have a more narrative component, that display text at a very, very small size, which makes it worth jumping to a larger screen, such as the television in certain cases.

The image quality is good, there is no delay in the game and the control with the controller is as fluid as the player’s skill allows. That is to say, if we continually leave a racing circuit, we have to recognize that it is not the control’s fault.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that Although the service allows cloud gaming, it requires a WiFi connection to play, which limits freedom of movement. However, it relies on the variety of screens and platforms to offer a more rounded service.

One thing that has not convinced us is that after logging into the Luna ‘app’ to play, a Once the game is over, there is no direct logout optionbut rather forces you to open the service on Amazon and, from there, close it.

For the rest, it is a cloud gaming platform that offers an entertaining catalog without big titles, more than correct performance at least with the official Amazon controller, and a variety of compatible screens and operating systems to adapt the game to different needs.

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