Amancio Ortega enters this Monday 859 million by dividend from Inditex, half of what he will charge this year


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His latest acquisition in Scotland for 237 million represents almost a third of what he will receive this week for the remuneration of the textile


The founder and main shareholder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, will enter this Monday, May 2, a total of 859 million euros for the first remuneration of the year that Inditex will pay its shareholders, which is half of what it will receive in dividends of the Galician firm this year, the first year with his daughter Marta Ortega as president of the company.

Specifically, the businessman will receive this year 1,718.64 million euros in dividends from the company, above the 1,294 million he received for this concept last year.

In total, the company will pay its shareholders 2,898 million euros this year, after raising the dividend by 33%, to 0.93 euros per share.

Thus, the board of directors will propose to the shareholders’ meeting a dividend of 0.93 euros per share -33% more than in 2020-, made up of an ordinary dividend of 0.63 euros and an extraordinary dividend of 0.30 euros per action.

This dividend will be distributed in two equal payments: 0.465 euros on May 2 and 0.465 euros on November 2.

Additionally, the board has agreed to establish an extraordinary dividend of 0.40 euros per share for the year 2022, which will be added to the ordinary dividend to be distributed throughout the year 2023.

The founder of Inditex, who will receive this Monday the 859 million euros in dividend through the companies Pontegadea Inversiones and Partler, with which he controls 59.294% of the textile group, invests part of the dividends he receives from Inditex in the real estate sector .

In fact, Ortega has reinforced his real estate investments a few days ago by acquiring an office building in Glasgow (Scotland) for 200 million pounds (about 237 million euros), which represents almost a third of what he will enter this week for the Inditex dividend.

Specifically, through Pontegadea UK, this building, located at 177 Bothwell Street and owned by the HFD Group, has been acquired in an operation that is considered the largest sale of a single office asset in Scotland.

CBRE has advised Pontegadea in this operation, with which it is once again betting on the United Kingdom, where it has a real estate portfolio valued at 2,820 million pounds (more than 3,300 million euros).

Ortega reinforced its presence in London last summer with the acquisition of a new building in the English capital, located in St. James Square, for nearly 190 million pounds (220 million euros).

Ortega owns the largest Spanish real estate company, focused on the purchase and management of large buildings, with a portfolio of real estate assets made up mainly of non-residential office buildings located in the center of large cities in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. .

For her part, her daughter Sandra Ortega, who owns 5.053% of the Galician firm, will collect more than 146 million euros in dividends from Inditex this year, half of which will also be paid this Monday, May 2.

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