Álvarez de Toledo aligns himself with Vox and supports applying 155 to impose Castilian in Catalonia

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has distanced herself from the People’s Party in the Congress of Deputies and has voted in favor of the initiative of vox to apply article 155 of the Constitution to guarantee the teaching of Spanish in Catalonia. Meanwhile, the rest of the popular have positioned themselves against this section. Ciudadanos has also supported the proposition.

The text of the extreme right formation claimed to apply this constitutional precept against the refusal of the Government of the Generalitat to comply with the imposition of the Supreme Court to establish 25% of classes in Spanish.

The initiative has been divided into four votes and each point has garnered the support of the one who was the head of the PP list for Barcelona in the last general elections. Meanwhile, the PP has rejected the section related to 155 and has abstained on the rest of the proposals.

Break the voting discipline again

The suggestion has not gone ahead after being knocked down by the groups of the Government and by the independence parties. The formation of Santiago Abascal required changes in the legislation to guarantee the teaching of Spanish in all the autonomous communities in order, according to Vox, to fulfill “the duty of the Spanish to know it as well as to protect the right of all to use it.”

In this way, Álvarez de Toledo once again breaks the voting discipline. In December 2021, he refused to vote in favor of the candidates agreed between the PP and the PSOE for the renewal of the constitutional Court. He considered that they were not fit for the position. The PP sanctioned the exporter with a fine of 500 eurosalthough she appealed the sanction for considering it “unconstitutional”.


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