Altoun: The press is a guarantee of democracy and freedom


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Ankara / Anatolia

The head of the communication department in the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun, said that the press is a guarantee of democracy and freedom, and there can be no freedom for lies, terrorist propaganda, hate speech and systematic misinformation.

This came in a speech he delivered during his participation, Thursday, in a symposium on digital media organized in the capital, Ankara, in cooperation between the Communication Department of the Turkish Presidency and the International Media Information Association.

Altun explained that everyone feels the effects of the massive change and transformation brought about by technological developments in all areas from the economy to the media, and from international relations to social interactions.

He added that digital media provide important gains in terms of access to information, democracy and participation, but at the same time they contain different challenges, new problems, threats and risks of various dimensions, from personal rights to national security, and from the distortion of the truth to the institutionalization of controversial cultures. .

Altun indicated that the most important problems in media ethics are the distortion of identity and even the lack of identity in digital media, new media and social media.

He stated that publishing news or publications that inject chaos, fear, and anxiety in order to interact, deceives the reader, viewer, and follower, and almost lures them into a trap.

He continued, “I believe that media professionals should primarily object to fabricated broadcasts that are becoming more and more common in digital media. Because the presence of media institutions that do not deviate from the line of truth in both the traditional and digital fields is considered a guarantee of democratic values ​​and professional principles.

Altun pointed out that the manipulation and disinformation activities that were carried out against Turkey through the media in the past have now become more complicated with the participation of digital media in those activities.

He pointed out that a number of laws and amendments entered into force in Turkey last month with the aim of combating media disinformation.

Altun stressed the need to combat disinformation, considering that disinformation has become a deadly weapon and a national security problem.

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