Almeida refuses to place the Pride flag in Cibeles despite approval by the Madrid City Council Plenary

In the tense plenary session of the Madrid City Council held last Tuesday, the majority of the municipal groups (Más Madrid, Ciudadanos and PSOE) approved placing the LGTBI flag on the facade of the main building of the City Council, the Cibeles Palace on the occasion of the celebration of Pride between July 1 and 10. PP and Vox voted against.

Despite the approval of the Plenary, the rainbow flag will not be placed at the City Council headquarters. José Luis Martínez-Almeida has refused to do so. The mayor of Madrid hides behind a ruling from the Supreme Court of June 2020 that prevents the raising of non-official flags in public buildings. “There is an opinion of the legal services that flags cannot be placed beyond those that are established, therefore, we are going to comply with it. I am not going to make artificial controversy about an issue that does not occupy or concern the whole of MadridAlmeida said.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court ruling does allow flags to be hung in the form of a banner. Instead, Almeida confirmed that, as happened last year and the previous one, in which the rainbow flag was not placed either (in fact it has not been placed on the main façade since 2018), the Palacio de Cibeles and the fountain will be illuminated of the square during the Pride celebration, which this year has been delayed to coincide with the NATO summit in Madrid.

The opposition has harshly criticized Almeida’s decision. Even Ciudadanos, his government partner in the capital, has shown his irritation. The team of Begoña Villacís and Almeida have differences over the organization of the Pride week, according to municipal sources cited by the newspaper The country.


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