Almeida and Rita Maestre star in the municipal debate on Madrid and lead two antagonistic city models

This Monday a key day was held for the elections of the Madrid City Hall of the next 28M, a battle that the polls predict is close. Barely a week before the elections, the six parties confront their programs on Telemadrid, in the only debate that has included the heads of the list of all political formations.

In the dialogue they have intervened Rita Mastercandidate for More Madrid; begona villaciscandidate for Citizens; maroto kingsnumber one of the PSOE in the capital; Javier Ortega-Smithcandidate for the far-right Vox party; Roberto Sotomayor, number one of the Podemos-IU-AV alliance; and he still mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidaof the PP, who has already announced that he will not attend any more electoral debate.

The parties have put on the table their proposals divided into five blocks, with three minutes of oratory each. The first of them, on economics; the second, environment and mobility; the third, on urban planning and housing; the fourth, security and public services; and, finally, agreements.

The meeting has highlighted the different ideological models of each formation and has been marked by the confrontation between Almeida and Maestre, the two candidates who have the best chance of governing in the Palacio de Cibeles, as indicated by the latest polls.

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