Allu Arjun: Feeling like the only auto guy in Ameerpet.. Bunny at ‘Baby’ event

Baby Appreciation Meet: The recently released ‘Baby’ movie is being showered with appreciation by the audience as well as the industry celebrities. The film starring Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in the lead roles, everyone is in awe of Sai Rajesh’s direction. The film ‘Baby’, which fetched unexpected collections within a week, is being called a cult blockbuster. Icon star Allu Arjun attended the ‘Baby Appreciate Meet’ held today (Thursday) as a guest. On this occasion, Bunny, who took the sky high in the movie ‘Baby’, shared openly (Allu Arjun Feelings) how he felt while watching it alone in the home theater.

Allu Arjun continued his speech after thanking the media for supporting the film ‘Baby’. ‘Congratulations to the entire baby team. Torn with the film. In fact, there are some movies that show pain in love. I like the movies ‘Kadal Konden, 7/G Brindavan Colony, Arjun Reddy’. But making such films is difficult. Such stories cannot be written by watching some movies or reading screenplay books. They are movies born from the things we have seen and experienced in life. Sairajesh, who took inspiration from real incidents and worked hard to write this story and turned it into a movie, is not enough. The movie is amazing. I like it very much,’ said Bunny.

‘Generally, I like this kind of genre movies. You won’t believe me.. I was shaking after the first half.
Imagine standing on the stage and giving this speech. I’m just saying.. No first half, no second half. Movie Six is ​​just that. It is generally said that behind every man’s success there is a woman. I don’t know how true it is, but behind every common man’s heartbreak at a young age, there is definitely a woman.

‘I liked many things in this movie. I could talk about them for hours. I liked the way the story was written and shot as well as the way the director took the performance from the artist. Overall, everyone’s work was seen on the screen. That’s why I want to say one thing. I don’t watch short films. Don’t see the donkey’s egg. It’s not the same.. If movies are good, why don’t you watch them’ and showed the movie ‘Baby’ as an example.

Talking about the director Sai Rajesh.. ‘Neither for me, nor for Sukumar nor for Maruthi… this film is a meter sir. I got mad. What are auto guys like in Ameerpet? I feel that feeling when I sit alone in a home theater and watch a movie. Unable to stop the excitement at the interval time, he came near the screen and swayed. I liked the movie so much. When Sai Rajesh goes to tell a story to someone, they used to make fun of him for making spoof films. No one knows when, who or where they will roam. Let me say one thing in the end.. As much as a mother struggles to give birth to a child.. You have put so much effort into the film,’ said Bunny addressing Sai Rajesh.

The baby cameraman who fell on Maruti’s legs.. rested his head and cried a lot!

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