Algeria points out that Sánchez “did not get anything” on the sovereignty of Spain and warns that Morocco “will return to the fray”

“Sánchez has sold his soul for a plate of lentils,” says a senior official quoted by ‘Tout sur l’Algerie’


Algeria considers that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “did not achieve anything” of what he was looking for in Morocco in terms of territorial integrity and estimates that “sooner or later” the Alaouite kingdom “will return to the fray” with its traditional claims of sovereignty , according to a senior Algerian official quoted by the portal ‘Tout sur l’Algerie’.

This source has pointed out that among the “few measures” contemplated in the joint declaration at the end of the meeting between Sánchez and the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, there is not something that did enter into the “strategic calculations” of the Spanish Government: Ceuta and Melilla. “At this decisive point, (Sánchez) did not achieve anything,” he has sentenced.

According to this senior official quoted by the TSA, the Moroccan side has not admitted any allusion –“or implicit”– to Spanish territorial integrity, which would show that Sánchez “sold his soul for a plate of lentils” and Morocco “will return to the burden sooner or later” to vindicate something that he considers as a “national cause” as Western Sahara.

He has predicted that Morocco will continue to use the “levers” that for years it has asserted as “intimidation” and “blackmail”, including migration, drug trafficking, security and the “economic and commercial suffocation” of Ceuta and Melilla.


This source has described Sánchez’s visit as “hasty”, whom he considers “isolated” in the domestic political arena after a foreign policy decision that Algiers attributes to a handful of people, including “a former Socialist head of government” , José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and “a former Minister of Foreign Affairs”, Miguel Ángel Moratinos.

The Moroccan king, Mohamed VI, would have wanted to throw a “lifeline” to a Sánchez who now fears, and “rightly so”, “painful” decisions that “probably” Algeria will take. For the latter country, Spain’s decision to recognize the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara was a “betrayal” and this malaise has already translated into the ambassador’s call for consultations.

Thus, the senior official consulted by TSA has assured that the ambassador’s call for consultation is only the first step of other consequences that “will be noticeable at different levels, in the short and medium term.” The Algerian company Sonatrach recently warned that it would “recalculate” the price of gas sent to Spain.

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