Alfonso Rueda will take office as president of the Xunta on May 14

The first vice-president of the Xunta and president of the PP of Pontevedra, Alfonso Ruedahas already officially begun the path to become the next head of the Xunta on Saturday, May 14, taking over from Alberto Nunez Feijooproviding “continuity” but not “continuity”.

The President of Parliament, Miguel Santaliceshas informed him this Monday that he will be the candidate in the investiture debate that will be held on May 10 and 12, so, if everything goes according to schedule, he will take office as the new Galician president on Saturday 14.

Everything remains to be revealed about his project at the head of the Galician Government, beyond the fact that he will do it in the “Rueda style”, as he promised last week, and that he will have the Second Vice President and Minister of Economy, Francis Count. After meeting with Santalices, Rueda has expressed his “deep gratitude”, has assured that it is “the greatest honor” to be appointed to preside over the Xunta and has promised to be “the president of all Galicians” if he is elected.

In this position, he has pointed out that he is not starting “from scratch”, but that there is work carried out by the current Executive from which he will try to “take all the good things” and, at the same time, “transmit new ideas and proposals” in that speech investment. But he also wanted to specify that when there is talk of “continuity” at the head of the Xunta after the departure of Núñez Feijóo, that “is not continuity”, since there are “many things to follow and preserve” but also “many new things to do “.

From the PPdeG, they have made it clear that Rueda is coming to give “continuity” to Feijóo’s policies at the head of the Galician Government because there is “a programmatic commitment with society” that must be fulfilled, according to the parliamentary spokesman for the PPdeG, Peter Puy.

He has said that there is a “broad consensus” in the party that it is necessary to give continuity to this “programmatic mandate” because, beyond value judgements, the PPdeG is “getting it right with what Galician society demands”, it has settled after opposition criticism.

The BNG will vote against the investiture of Rueda

An opposition that does not see this continuity well and that will vote against the investiture of Rueda. At least, this is what the BNG spokeswoman has assured, Anna Ponton, who has said that “he will not support” Rueda because they cannot ratify “Feijóo’s secondary during all these years.”

“It will be the same vote that we had with Feijóo, no. It would be strange if we abstained” when Rueda has been the “secondary” in the Xunta for the last 13 years and has been number two of a government “responsible” for leave a “worse” Galicia than the one in 2009.

The PSdeG assures that it will vote against

From the PSdeG, although initially they did not clarify their voting position, pending the investiture speech, later their general secretary, Valentin Gonzalez Formosoassured that they will vote against a candidacy that “is absolutely legal but lacks the legitimacy of the direct political support of the Galician people”.

For his part, the parliamentary spokesman for the PSdeG has assured that his party keeps its hand outstretched to reach agreements and improve public policies, as it did with Nunez Feijoo “without any success”, to which Rueda has replied that he is going to try to reach consensus with the opposition “the broader, the better”.

Rueda says that he is going to try to reach consensus with the opposition “the broader, the better”

“It will not stay for the president,” he said in this regard, after pointing out that it is an attitude that the previous head of the Xunta already had and “it will continue” for his part. The parliamentary process began this Monday with the round of contacts held by Santalices with the three political forces for the succession to the presidency of the Xunta, after the termination at his own request of Alberto Nunez Feijoo last Friday to focus on his work as leader of the PP.

Own Santalices He stressed that “the regulatory times were rushed to the maximum”, since instead of the 30 days available to the process, it will culminate in 15. On Thursday, May 5, the Board of Spokespersons will be convened to organize the investiture plenary session will be elected, on May 12, the sixth president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Wheel.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo himself will participate in this vote before abandoning his act as deputy of the Parliament of Galicia, for which no date has yet been announced.


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