Alberto Rodríguez will be a candidate for the Presidency of the Canary Islands with his new political formation, Proyecto Drago

The former secretary of Podemos Organization alberto rodriguez has announced this Monday the “irrevocable” decision to be the head of the list of Proyecto Drago to the Parliament of the Canary Islands in the next regional elections to be held in May of next year.

“There already are, and as many conversations as are necessary will be opened to try to reach agreements regarding the island lists to the Parliament of the Canary Islands, to the councils and at least to the most populated cities of the Canary Islands,” the former deputy of the Canary Islands also specified in a statement. United We Can in the Congress of Deputies.

And it is that his plans happen because dragon project open “to the confluence with all those political and social spaces of the Canary Islands whose objectives can be reconciled in an electoral proposal that is decided on the islands and that are not afraid of changing the development model” that condemns the archipelago. He himself defined the formation as “a sociopolitical tool of Canarian obedience, transforming, brave, sovereign, without ties, of progress, confederal; an instrument with the commitment to promote a truly new Canarian policy”.

Rodríguez presented Project Drago on October 24, one year after the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, decided that the seat was withdrawn in execution of a sentence handed down by the Supreme Court. In it, the deputy of Unidas Podemos was sentenced to a month and a half in prison -a penalty that was finally replaced by a fine of 540 euros- for the crime of attacking law enforcement officers despite the fact that he kicked a police officer for which he was judged was not accredited in the procedure.

The ruling implied an accessory penalty of special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage during the time of the sentence, which motivated the loss of the seat, according to the interpretation of the president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, Manuel Marchenawho urged the president of Congress, Meritxell Batetto execute that measure.

The withdrawal of his seat, a “cacicada with the Canary Islands”

In this sense, Rodríguez has indicated that when they withdrew his seat, he committed a “cacicada with the Canary Islands, one more”. And he added that “neither the failure to comply with the desires, hopes and commitments with the Canarian citizens nor trying to cover the mouths of tens of thousands of Canaries by unfairly depriving them of a seat in the Madrid Congress of Deputies that the citizens had freely and democratically elected from now on is not going to come free”.

For this reason, it has indicated that “without complex” to the next elections and that he accepts the “commitment” that many people launched at him (both inside and outside our space), which is none other than to head the regional list as a candidate for the Government of the Canary Islands.

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