Alberto Fernández bets on a “democratic pact” to exclude violence and hatred

MADRID, Sep. 3 (.) –

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, led a meeting this Friday at the Casa Rosada with governors, representatives of trade union, social, business and human rights sectors in order to build a “democratic pact” after the assassination attempt in the past Thursday to Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

“I am glad that the Argentine community is filling the squares today, claiming coexistence, respect, democracy and celebrating that Cristina is fine,” said Fernández in the Women’s Hall, accompanied by several members of his cabinet and representatives of the Argentine civil society.

The president highlighted the “common points” expressed during the meeting, which have to do with “putting a democratic pact back into practice where violence is excluded, hate speech is eliminated and respect is a value.”

“All of us who are here are part of the democratic community, and therefore the first thing we have to do is say enough to make habitual what should not be habitual; to tolerate what we should not live with, because democracy requires respect for the other,” he underlined.

However, Fernández has reaffirmed that “Cristina has been the object of persecution for many years”, which is why she believes that one cannot continue to watch “complacent how she is stigmatized and disqualified.”

He also added that “it is necessary to warn that we must put an end to media hate speech, because the things that are said are very impressive.”

At the end of the meeting, some of the participants of the meeting and part of the National Cabinet have moved to the Plaza de Mayo, where the document ‘Social peace is a collective responsibility’ has been read as the closing of the massive march that took place carried out “in defense of democracy”.

“Faced with the attempted assassination of the main political leader of the country, no one who defends the Republic can remain silent or put their ideological differences before the unanimous rejection that this action brings,” the letter began, as reported by the Télam agency.

“If we do not want intolerance and political violence to destroy the democratic consensus that we have built from 1983 to date, we must contextualize what happened last night against Vice President Cristina Kirchner,” the statement added.

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