Alberola Rojas will referee in LaLiga again after 4 months off

“The scare has been very big, but I am ready to return”

MADRID, Dec. 13 (.) –

The referee of the Castellano-Manchego College Javier Alberola Rojas will return to LaLiga Santander and will be able to referee again in the elite of Spanish football after being out for four months due to a health problem, in a “very big scare” that has already been overcome.

“The First Division referee will return to the pitch after being out for four months due to a health problem that forced him to undergo surgery at the Toledo University Hospital,” announced the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

A swelling in his right arm during the pre-season tests, which did not pass, caused “alarms to go off”. According to the referee himself, who has been off the pitch since last summer, he had two clogged veins in the clavicle area.

“I was very lucky because the circulation was cut off towards the area of ​​the arm but continued towards the head and the heart… If it had been the other way around, we would be in a different scenario”, admitted the youngest referee in the highest category of Spanish football .

The vascular surgeon Ángel Flores Herrero, from the University Hospital of Toledo, was the one who intervened in the first instance and who has followed the entire process until he was discharged. “Everything went perfectly, he is fully recovered and leading a normal life,” the doctor assessed.

Alberola Rojas contributed that, in the first days of recovery, she could only walk. “You can hardly even put your shoes on because you are in a lot of pain. I want to thank all the messages of support from all the people who love me and appreciate me, all the doctors who have operated on me and the Technical Committee that has given me a lot of peace of mind so that I have recovered. The scare has been very big, but I am ready to go back”, he was sincere.

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