Albares responds to Israel that its accusations are “false and unacceptable”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albaresresponded today to the Israeli Foreign Ministry that its accusations against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, are “totally false and unacceptable” and has announced that Spain will give a “timely” response.

“We reject them categorically. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we are analyzing the timely response that we are going to give and there will be a response to these false, misplaced and unacceptable accusations,” Albares announced in an official statement distributed to the media.

According to the minister, the accusations of the Government of Israel “are especially serious” because Sánchez “represents the presidency of the European Union in office and the prime minister who represents the country that will occupy the presidency as of January 1″.

Furthermore, Albares recalled that the entire Spanish Executive, including Sánchez himself, “did not hesitate to condemn the terrorist attack” by Hamas which, as he explained, “does not represent the Palestinian people” and is “only a terrorist organization.” Furthermore, he recalled that the President expressed solidarity with all Israeli victims during his visit to Israel.

Albares has spoken thus, in an official statement, after the Israeli Foreign Ministry has summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium by the statements of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, in Egypt, considering them “support for terrorism.”

The minister has reiterated the Spanish Government’s call “for the unconditional and immediate release of all hostages without distinction of nationality or religion”, as President Sánchez has conveyed.

“We have always stressed Israel’s right to defend itself from this terrorist attack,” insisted Albares, who pointed out that this “is not incompatible” with the defense being done “within the scrupulous respect for international humanitarian law“.

The head of Foreign Affairs added that the Spanish Government “will always raise its voice” to “protect so many Palestinian civilians” which includes “an unbearable number of victims that include boys and girls.” For this reason, he has defended that Spain demands “a humanitarian ceasefire” so that the aid, which “Spain has tripled in recent weeks,” he stressed, “can reach the Palestinian civilian population.”

Finally, Albares wanted to make it clear that the president’s message in the Middle East is to “seek a path of peace” and to guarantee “the existence of a State of Palestine and a State of Israel, that live in peaceful coexistence, that guarantee the security and prosperity of the other.” “The Spaniards and the international community will always find the Government of Spain in the field of those who build peace,” he concluded.

Sumar accuses Netanyahu

For her part, the vice president of the Government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Diazhas applauded Sánchez’s intention for Spain to unilaterally recognize, without counting on the rest of the EU, a Palestinian State.

In his account on the social network He also emphasizes that this issue “has been a firm commitment in the government agreement” and that we must move “from words to actions.”

In Sumar’s account, the coalition also accuses Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of trying to “intimidate the progressive government”. “It is time to follow the example of Barcelona. Citizens are with the Palestinian people,” they add, in reference to the new break in relations between the Barcelona City Council and Israel.

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