Albares on the absence of Díaz from the summit with Morocco: “The ministers who have issues to discuss will go”

NIAMEY, Jan 11. (From the special envoy of ., Leyre Guijo) –

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has downplayed the fact that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and the rest of the United Podemos ministers will not be present at the summit with Morocco, claiming that those who “have issues to deal with” with their Moroccan counterparts.

“Delegations to summits and high-level meetings are never made up of all the ministers of a government,” she said in statements to the press in Niamey, where she is on an official visit, when asked about Díaz’s absence. and other ministers such as Ione Belarra or Alberto Garzón, emphasizing that “this has not been the case on previous occasions either” with Morocco.

Albares added that, “like that from memory”, Díaz has attended “some summits and not others” pointing out that the vice president would not be at the summit with France next week in Barcelona either.

The attendance of ministers “depends on the agenda,” he explained, arguing that for this reason “those ministers who have issues to discuss with their Moroccan counterparts will go to Rabat.” Asked if this means that Díaz has no issues to address, he has acknowledged that he is unaware of the issues that the Ministry of Labor has with Morocco.

However, he stressed that there will be many ministers around the table – the minister said that there would be more than a dozen – “because the density of the relationships and the quality of those relationships that are increasingly deeper and more narrow” forces it so.

The High Level Meeting with Morocco will be held on February 1 and 2 in Rabat, thus complying with what was agreed by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and King Mohamed VI during the meeting they held on April 7.

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