Al-Sisi affirms Egypt’s ability to overcome crises and move for the better

Ibrahim El-Khazen / Anatolia

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed, on Wednesday, the ability of the country and its people to overcome “all crises and move for the better.”

This came in a meeting with citizens near the city of Damanhour, in the north of the country, during the inauguration of community projects, which was broadcast by local media, and its details were reported by the Egyptian News Agency, “Asha”.

Commodity prices in Egypt are witnessing a remarkable rise amid fluctuations in the price of the local currency, the pound against the dollar, which is met with government moves to impose what it calls “protection measures that include providing financial and in-kind assistance to the simple through social solidarity programmes.”

Al-Sisi said, in his meeting with the citizens, that he was aware during his career of “the crises that Egypt went through, and they have ended, thanks to God Almighty.”

And he stressed that “thanks to the people of Egypt, we will overcome all existing crises and we will move to the best,” and reassured the audience, saying: “We are in control of matters and that any crisis will end, thanks to God,” according to the agency.

He added, “No one can do anything alone.. neither the president nor the government nor the institutions.. but we can together as a state and people face the challenges.”

And he continued: “We have been going through a crisis three years ago, which began with the Corona pandemic that affected the world, but we did not stop in front of that pandemic, and when the Russian (Ukrainian) crisis occurred in 2022, it also had a great impact on Egypt and the global economy, and slowed down our work a little, and caused Prices have gone up a lot.”

Al-Sisi added, “In the past three years, the population of Egypt has increased by about 6 million.”

He pointed out that the population of Egypt in 1952 was 19 or 20 million, then it rose in the seventies to 40 million, and in 2011 it was almost 80 million, and today we are 105 million people.

He continued, “During the past seven weeks, as a result of the circumstances that occurred with our brothers in Sudan, more than 220,000 people entered Egypt, in addition to 9 million guests.”

Since April 15, Sudan has been witnessing internal fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, following disputes between their leaders.

Al-Sisi stressed that “the state is working to provide (food) materials even if they are expensive, and we can never say there are no.” person”.

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