Al Sadr launches a campaign against homosexuality in Iraq

MADRID, Dec. 3 (.) –

Prominent Shiite cleric Muqtada al Sadr, one of Iraq’s most prominent political figures, has launched a campaign against homosexuality in the country accompanied by a large demonstration by his supporters on Friday night against these “forbidden desires” and the ” chaotic and lustful freedom”.

“I swear to stand up to homosexuality or the LGBTQ community through ethical, peaceful and religious means, against this violation of the innate characteristics on which humanity is built,” according to a statement accompanied by his signature and posted on Twitter by his spokesperson. I left Mohamed al Iraqi.

The cleric has hammered home his message calling for the abolition of the alleged homosexuality law in Iraq because “it cannot be a door to generalize this affliction.”

In fact, homosexuality has been legal in Iraq for 20 years because the country does not have a law that explicitly criminalizes it.

However, it does have a regulation that prohibits “immodest acts”, probably the one Al Sadr was referring to, which Human Rights Watch has described as a “vague provision that could be used to attack minorities”.

The demonstrations have concentrated in the Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City, the cleric’s stronghold during the war, as well as in the city of Kufa, in his home province of Najaf, reports the New Arab news portal.

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