Aishwarya Bhaskaran: Harassment by sending photos of private parts.. Aishwarya’s phone number is a sin!

Senior actress Lakshmi Daughter, Tamil actress Aishwarya Bhaskaran, who is recognized in Tollywood through many Telugu movies, has recently released a video. Aishwarya, who played supporting roles in Telugu movies like ‘Ammananna Tamil Girl, Nani, Kalyana Vaibhogam’, has revealed in the video that she is being sexually harassed online. Aishwarya said that the fact that many men were sending her unpleasant messages led to mental trauma in her.. On the advice of her daughter, she decided to talk openly about this problem.

After sharing her contact number on social media for soap business, Aishwarya started being harassed. She shared her phone number to place orders with customers, and since then she has been receiving inappropriate messages and obscene photos. She said that some men are also sharing private parts photos and she is mentally disturbed. Aishwarya shared the relevant details through a video on her YouTube channel. Through the video, she has warned that she does not want to resort to cybercrime, but will take legal action if the harassment continues.

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Aishwarya said that since there are not many opportunities as an actress, the soap business has become her main source of income. Many netizens supported her after sharing a video of her being sexually harassed. Aishwarya thanked them and all her fans on this occasion.

Aishwarya Bhaskaran acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu movies in South. She is the daughter of veteran actress Lakshmi. Meanwhile, she has been living with her daughter since she divorced her husband in 1996. She entered the Telugu industry through ‘Adavilo Abhimanyudu film’. After that, she got recognition by acting in hit films such as ‘Mama Garu, Seethakoka Chilukulu, Narasimham’. Moreover, Aishwarya, who acted in the Hindi movie ‘Gardish’, is currently running a YouTube channel. On this platform, she talks about vegan cuisine, soap making and spirituality.

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