After the rejection of a new Constitution in Chile, Gabriel Boric reshuffles his government

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The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, profoundly reshuffled his government on Tuesday. Its Ministers of the Interior, Health, Science, Energy and the Secretary General of the Presidency were replaced for “greater cohesion” after the “no” to the draft new Constitution.

Two days after the massive rejection of a new Constitution, the President of Chile Gabriel Boric proceeded, on Tuesday, September 6, to a profound ministerial reshuffle, synonymous with new breath.

“This is perhaps, and I have no reason to hide it, one of the most politically difficult times that I have to face,” he confessed after the announcement of the reshuffle which aims to ” give greater cohesion” to the government. The new team will have to “lead reconciliation” in Chile paying attention to the “claims of the people”.

The Ministers of Interior, Health, Science, Energy and the Secretary General of the Presidency have been replaced, for some by personalities deemed more centrist such as Carolina Toha, in the Interior, and Ana Lya Uriarte , at the General Secretariat, responsible for relations between the executive and Parliament. Both had been ministers under the governments of former left-wing president Michelle Bachelet.

Carolina Toha occupies the key position of Minister of the Interior, formerly occupied by her father, José Toha under the socialist government of Salvador Allende (1970-1973), and replaces Izkia Siches, under fire from critics.

Giorgio Jackson, a close friend of President Boric from the benches of the university, moves from the General Secretariat of the Presidency to the Ministry of Social Development, which Jeanette Vega leaves after a controversy over a call made to the leader of a radical indigenous Mapuche group , Héctor Llaitul, now in detention. At Health, Begoña Yarza, criticized for her management of the pandemic, is replaced by Ximena Aguilera.

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Despite these changes, women are still well represented in his new government – ​​he had promised parity when he was elected – with fifteen women and nine men.

Young people, forgotten by the Constitution

At the same time, near the presidential palace of La Moneda, where the cabinet reshuffle was announced, a few incidents punctuated a gathering of students and high school students, the riot police using tear gas and water cannons.

“And it will fall, and it will fall, Pinochet’s Constitution!” or even “There is money for the police, but not for studying!”, chanted the demonstrators who are demanding more resources for education.

The Chileans rejected on Sunday by 61.9% the proposal for a new Constitution which aimed to replace that inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). It was to establish new social rights, particularly in the areas of education, health and housing, recognize the rights of indigenous peoples and even the right to abortion.

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