After the death of Elizabeth II, Canadians less attached to the British Crown

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With the disappearance of the Queen, many countries and territories of the Commonwealth are questioning their allegiance to the British Crown. If the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has reaffirmed his country’s attachment to the British monarch, officially the Canadian head of state, in Quebec, that is not self-evident: according to a recent poll, the overwhelming majority of Quebecers do not feel tied to the Crown. A report by our correspondent, Jeanne Profeta.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Monarchist League of Canada has redoubled its efforts to promote the British Crown. A complicated task in Quebec, where the new King Charles III does not convince.

“It is very important for the king to come to Canada as often as possible,” said Karim Al-Dahdah, spokesperson for Quebec for the Monarchist League of Canada. “The monarchy needs to be seen for people to grasp its role, its importance and its relevance, and understand that this connection still exists.”

For a large part of Quebecers, however, this connection is non-existent. Many keep in mind the queen’s controversial visits to the province and the feeling of an imposed monarchy. According to a recent poll, 77% consider the monarchy unnecessary. A lack of interest that is felt in the streets of Quebec.

Can Quebec public opinion push for an exit from the monarchy? According to the Canadian constitution, a unanimous consensus between the Senate, the House of Commons and the ten provinces of the country would be necessary. Which is unlikely, according to experts.

“If we talk about Justin Trudeau, or even his new main opponent, Pierre Poilievre, these are people who support the monarchy,” analyzes Daniel Béland, professor of political science at McGill University in Montreal. “So there is not really at the federal level, a political party that is really focused on a rejection of the monarchy as we see in Australia. And therefore, leaving the monarchy is not for tomorrow!”

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