After questioning, the Legislature gives a vote of confidence to the Minister of the Environment

The plenary of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) granted this Wednesday its vote of confidence to the Minister of Environment and Water, Rubén Méndez, who was questioned about the investment of resources acquired as loans from international organizations.

“By an absolute majority, the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly approved the agenda of the sixteenth ordinary session, (Question to the Minister of Environment and Water)”, refers to the report of Deputies.

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The president of the ALP, David Choquehuanca, installed the ordinary session where the respective agenda was addressed.

“It is a duty of us public servants to inform the legislator, regulator, supervisor, of all the acts and actions that we are carrying out as public servants in different instances. Within this framework, the corresponding information, requested in this interpellatory act, has been prepared, ”said the minister at the beginning of his intervention.

The authority gave details of the projects to which the resources from international credits were allocated.

Minister Méndez answered the 19 questions raised in the interpellatory statement, requested by the MAS deputy, Ramiro Venegas.

After the respective procedures, from the first intervention by the parliamentary questioner and the Minister, the reply and rejoinder, the corresponding vote was carried out in the ALP, whose Plenary approved by majority vote, the Pure and Simple Agenda, which does not produce any effect.

“The Pure and Simple Agenda was approved, therefore the second (voting) proposal is discarded,” said Choquehuanca, which concluded the plenary session, according to a press release from the Senate.

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