Adriana Lastra responds to Feijóo for using her pregnancy to attack the PSOE: “You have to be sexist and a bad person”

One more time, Alberto Nunez Feijoo has used the decision of a woman as a throwing weapon. On this occasion, the leader of the PP, during a rally in Alcalá de Henares, has accused the PSOE of dismissing Adriana Lastra with the excuse of her pregnancy. A few words to which the same former socialist vice-secretary has responded, who has described Feijóo as being a “macho” and a “bad person”.

The president of the popular has attended the inauguration of the political course of the Madrid PP, held in the city of Cervantes. During his intervention, Feijóo has reproached Pedro Sánchez for feeding “alleged divisions” within his party, referring to internal disputes with Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

The Galician politician has pointed out that the Government is dedicated to “belittle” and “defame” to Díaz Ayuso for the fact of standing in the elections and winning them.
Thus, Feijóo has taken the opportunity to take out the name of Lastra and charge against the Executive saying that “these supposed feminists alleged a pregnancy to dismiss one of the highest officials of the PSOE.”

Lastra, for this reason, wanted to show his rejection of the words of the former president of the Xunta. “You have to be macho, twisted and a bad person to use the personal decision of a woman and try to harm the president”, the socialist has written through Twitter. The former deputy secretary, by way of conclusion, has demanded that Feijóo respect her choice to leave the party.

Contrary positions between Feijóo and Ayuso

It is not the first time that the conservative politician has spoken about the decision that women must make when they are pregnant. about the controversy of voluntarily abort at the age of 16 or 17Feijóo has stated on several occasions that “the voluntary interruption of minors must have the consent of their parents.”

Díaz Ayuso, on the other hand, surprised locals and strangers this Thursday by breaking with the line marked until then by his party. The president of the Community of Madrid defended that when a woman does not want to continue with her pregnancy, she has the right to interrupt it.

“How to tell a woman to live the way she doesn’t want to?”Ayuso wondered during his interview with Zero Wave. Madrid politics, in this way, not only left the script established by the PP but also showed its rejection of the abortion reform approved in 2015 by the Government of Mariano Rajoy. This change made it possible to raise the legal age for abortions without parental permission from 16 to 18 years.


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