Actress Rani Chatterjee: Leading actress Rani Chatterjee who joined the Congress … UP election is the target!


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Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022: Bhojpuri film actress Rani Chatterjee joins Congress. Rani took the oath of office in the presence of Priyanka Gandhi.

Rani Chatterjee

Actress Rani Chatterjee joins congress: All political parties are gearing up for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022 Assembly elections to be held next month. Political parties are preparing to play betting on celebrity faces once again. Along with celebrities from various fields, the political leaders who won the tickets are continuing to change parties. Recently, Bhojpuri film actress Rani Chatterjee (Rami chetterjee) joined the Congress. Rani took the oath of office in the presence of Priyanka Gandhi. Rani Chatterjee, who impressed with her performance in the film Bhojpuri, is now about to enter the political world. Rani Chatterjee also took part in the Priyanka Gandhi ‘Ladaki Hoon Lad Shakti Hoon’ campaign. In this connection, it is reported that Priyanka is joining the Congress by sharing the photo of the queen with Gandhi on social media.

Rani Chatterjee shared a photo on her Instagram on Tuesday. In this photo, she is Priyanka Gandhi with Mumbai Congress youth leader Suraj Singh Thakur. Sharing this picture, the queen wrote in the caption‌ Another girl is ready to fight. I am starting a new chapter by associating Priyanka ji campaign with Ladakhi Hoon Lad Shakti Hoon. Today in Delhi I met Priyanka Gandhi and my friend Mumbai Congress youth leader Suraj Singh Thakur. Rani Chatterjee said

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it is clear that the Congress is all set to use Rani Chatterjee as a platform for its campaign to garner votes. On the other hand, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in UP will not relinquish this power under any circumstances. The BJP is already promoting artists like Bhojpuri filmmaker Ravi Kishan and Dinesh Lal Yadav alias Nirhua. Under such circumstances, the Congress is now trying to get Bhojpuri actors into its camp and garner votes.

How much the name Rani Chatterjee’s name will benefit the Congress will depend on the outcome of the forthcoming elections. Currently, speaking of Rani Chatterjee, the Mumbai-based actress started her film career in 2004 with the film Sasura Bada Paisawala. The film had the opportunity to co-star with superstar Manoj Tiwari. Following the success of the film, Rani co-produced one-to-one hit films with well-known actors in the industry.

Moreover, Rani Chatterjee is also very active on social media. She continues to share moments of her life with fans through photos and videos. The Queen is often seen sharing bold photos and videos on her Instagram.

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