ACS wins a $220 million contract in California for two water treatment plants

MADRID, March 26 (-) –

ACS has been awarded a contract in Oakland, California (United States), for a total amount of 237 million dollars (220 million euros) to renovate and build the facilities of two water treatment plants.

The Spanish multinational chaired by Florentino Pérez has obtained this contract through Flatiron, a company belonging to Hochtief, the German subsidiary of ACS in which it controls more than 68% of the capital.

The contract covers the Upper San Leandro water treatment plant maintenance project, as well as the wastewater treatment plant chemical system safety improvement project.

These are two strategic initiatives for the public company in charge of water in the region, Ebmud, which seeks to create a resilient system that guarantees the supply of water while addressing economic, environmental and social challenges, in line with water treatment plans. that are currently being raised all over the world.

Without interrupting the existing supply of drinking water, Flatiron will upgrade existing facilities and construct new facilities, including upgrades to the raw water control valve and flocculation and sedimentation ponds; the replacement of the chlorine contact basin below the existing level; and the replacement, rehabilitation and addition of tanks, pumps and piping associated with the solids handling system.

The company is currently carrying out other contracts with Ebmud worth 280 million euros, which reinforce the Flatiron Water segment in the United States, which is already carrying out other projects in San Diego, also in California, and Colorado.

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