‘Acharya’ price before Sonu Sood craze .. Fans commotion is not usual


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Sonu Sood is a man who not only helped many during the Covid period but also took those stranded somewhere in the country and abroad to their hometowns by buses, trains and planes. People who saw him on the silver screen as a villain or a character artist began to see him as a real hero from then on. Everyone praised Sonu Sood for his services as a real hero. Some even named their shops Sonu. Some even named their children Sonu Sood. So much so that he was put in their hearts.

Everyone knows that Sonu Sood is still pursuing his own service program. He has started a foundation in his name and is serving everyone. On the one hand he is continuing his service activities and on the other hand he is starring in movies. Sonu’s latest Tollywood movie ‘Acharya’ has been released. In it he plays the villain. But nowhere in the promotions did anyone mention the name Sonu Sood at large. There may be a difference in their love affair but not in terms of fan affection. They expressed their boundless admiration for Sonu Sood. I do not know somewhere but .. In the theater where ‘Acharya’ was released, however, Sonu Sood fans .. gave him a huge cutout. The bigger the cutout, the bigger the cutout for Sonu Sood than the top heroes of Tollywood, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. As well as anointed to that cutout. Yard garlands were laid. It must be said that all the Sonu Sood fans went to ‘Acharya’ before the commotion.

Sonu Sood shared this video on his social media. ” Thank you for the love you are showing me. I do not deserve these. But there is no word on the love you are showing, ” Sonu Sood shared a comment along with the video. His followers and netizens are reacting to this saying you are a super sir.


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