Abdón Prats leaves the last gift in Mallorca and Espanyol and Girona share the derby

MADRID, 7 Jan. (.) –

Mallorca beat Real Valladolid (1-0) thanks to a goal from Abdón Prats in the 94th minute, three points with which they move the lower zone away and regain confidence, on matchday 16 of LaLiga Santander that also left this Saturday for the low zone the draw (2-2) between Espanyol and Girona.

Once again, Abdón dressed as a hero for the Balearic Islands with another decisive goal so that Javier Aguirre’s team added the three points in Son Moix. Mallorca, which recovers its defensive solidity and also the facility to see the goal, gets even for the bad image in Getafe and escapes from below with 22 points, compared to 17 for Pucela.

It wasn’t Muriqi’s afternoon this time, but Abdón’s idolized in Palma, who finished off a great cross from Kang In Lee on goal. The South Korean, who was not fine in the Cup, entered at the time of the meeting and put the script favorable to the locals. This is how the game began, facing a Mallorca that warned with Dani Rodríguez and Amath. Sergi Guardiola had the one from Valladolid.

The clearest was Kike’s crossbar at 63′ for the visitors, just when Mallorca began to lead with Lee, but without shots between the three sticks. With the distribution looking inevitable, Abdón once again raised the steps of his house, in a last gift with the still hot Three Kings Day.

Meanwhile, Joselu was close to doing the same in Cornellá, when he scored the local 2-1 in the 76th minute, a great header anticipating the defender in a cross from Oliván. However, there was no total punishment for a Girona team that had its moments and took the lead through Toni Villa after half an hour.

The parakeet goalkeeper Álvaro Fernández, who returned to the title at the Camp Nou, left two saves for Castellanos and Riquelme. On the other hand, Espanyol was able to score through Braithwaite, after a good play by Darder, but it came to 0-1 after great pressure from above and a recovery from Míchel’s men.

Espanyol left with the need to improve but with Joselu’s warning for a second half in which Girona followed with one more gear. Diego Martínez moved the bench and the entrance of Puado brought the 1-1 of the local striker, who had just scored in the Copa del Rey, with his first ball. The goal finished encouraging Espanyol who then forced Gazzaniga’s stops on the other side.

Álvaro left another on a header from Riquelme and Joselu was the one who cut the goalkeepers’ festival short. Espanyol then had their second victory at home in their hands, but Yangel Herrera left the last shock in the form of a goal (2-2) in the 85th minute. A showy derby but which distributes points in a moment of need, with the parrots scoring relegation and Girona, four points above.

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