Abascal pleads for an “understanding” with Feijóo to “throw Sánchez out”: “That is the priority”


The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has advocated an understanding with the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to “expel the socialists” and “throw” the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, from the Government.

“That is the priority,” Abascal asserted in an interview with the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published this Sunday, in which he assured that his communication with Feijóo is “correct and adequate”, but “not” continued, although he has remembered that this “is coming” and has to “decide what its political line is”.

“I have my hand outstretched to Feijóo as I have always had, also with Mr. (Pablo) Casado,” he stressed, adding that Vox is “waiting for what positions the PP adopts” on matters such as “the prosecutor , energy sovereignty, defense of borders, fight against separatism or defense of linguistic freedom”.

Abascal has said that if the PP “is rectifying all those things”, “the PP and Vox agreement will be much easier.” In this sense, he has stated that he hopes that the ‘popular’ will “move much further” from the 2030 Agenda.

On the other hand, he has referred to the upcoming elections in Andalusia, where Vox, he has warned, is going out “to win” with Macarena Olona as a candidate. “When I say go out to win, it means to win and govern. That is our intention. And that is why we have put all the meat on the grill”, she has added about it.


Despite his intention to win, Abascal has recognized that one of the possibilities is to “agree with the PP”: “Even if we win, it is very possible that we will have to agree with the PP. Our goal is for the PP to tell us what vice president wants.

In Andalusia, the leader of Vox aspires, in this case, to a “reasonable” agreement, like the one in Castilla y León, and not one like the one he signed to facilitate the current government of the president of the Andalusian Junta, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, in which Vox “stayed as parliamentary support”.

In addition, he has criticized, this was “betrayed”. “Vox has not been respected with the government agreements with the PP in terms of political spending cuts, in immigration control and control with the State Security Forces to expel illegals, in terms of the repeal of leftist legislation. We have been betrayed”, has disfigured.

In this context, he has warned that, if it touches, in Andalusia Vox will not “be part of any government that does not guarantee a clear alternative to the left in Spain” and that does not serve “for a real change” in the community .

Asked if he believes that there is a possibility of an agreement between the PP and PSOE in this region, he has stated that he fears it because the ‘popular’ “flirt” with it. “We see that it is a permanent debate that is encouraged by the PP’s own national leadership, which yearns for bipartisanship, which lives installed in nostalgia, which has not realized that Spain has changed and that there are new political options and that what it happened, it’s past”, he criticized.


On the other hand, Abascal has lamented the “gigantic hypocrisy” in the case of the alleged espionage of the independence movement with the Pegasus program. “It seems that the same ones who want them legal in Congress spy on them. It would be intolerable to spy on parties that are legal. You can’t spy on someone you haven’t outlawed,” he asserted.

For this reason, he has called for “illegalizing” and “spying” on these people “but not on the whim of Vox but because they are enemies of the constitutional order.” “We want them to be spied on legally. That they be spied on more,” he has demanded.

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