Abascal launches his most racist speech with the Algeciras attack while the Church asks not to fall into “demagogy”

Vox has run quickly and ready to meet racism and demagogy on account of the attack perpetrated this Thursday afternoon in Algeciras. The president of the far-right party, Santiago Abascal, has taken the opportunity to bring up one of the favorite mantras of his formation and go fertilizing the ground to capture votes now that the municipal and regional elections are approaching.

The man who killed a sacristan and wounded four other people with a machete is called Yasin Kanza, he is a Moroccan national and is 25 years old. He had already been detained in June 2022 and was pending deportation. He lived with two other people, who have been questioned.

“He entered Spain illegally, he had an expulsion order, he was under surveillance for jihadism, he was a squatter. How many will there be like him in Spain?” Abascal said on his Twitter profile. And he directly pointed out that the politicians who “open their borders and shower them with subsidies” cannot “hide their responsibility from him.”

In another previous tweet, after offering his condolences to the victim’s family and friends, Abascal said: “Some open the doors for them, others finance them and the people suffer from them. We cannot tolerate Islamism advancing on our soil.”

For his part, the Vox MEP Jorge Buxade It has also been expressed in a similar way, also pointing out that there has been no Moroccan collaboration. Vox has called for an urgent debate in the European Parliament because it ensures that “the freedom, security and life of Europeans is seriously threatened by Islamism.”

Belarra describes Abascal’s tweet as “miserable”

Abascal’s words have been harshly answered by the general secretary of Podemos and minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarrawho has called his tweet “miserable”, and who defines what is the “ultra-right” whose policy is to “spread hatred” against immigration.

Belarra has censured that it is “miserable to spread hatred to a group that is already stigmatized”, in reference to immigration, and that now it is time to “prudence” and let the judicial authority and the State Security Forces and Bodies work.

Yolanda Díaz: “Spain is a diverse country and proud of religious freedom”

In turn, and through social networks, the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, has also mandated her “love and affection” to the relatives of the deceased sacristan, in addition to “all the best” in the recovery of the injured. She has also highlighted that “Spain is a diverse country and proud of religious freedom”also proclaiming that they are going to ensure that “coexistence continues to prevail”.

A message of tolerance also expressed by both the Islamic community in Spain and the Catholic Church, which have distanced themselves from the racist and Islamophobic discourse of the extreme right.

call for tolerance

The Union of Islamic Communities of Campo de Gibraltar has condemned the “vile and cowardly terrorist attack” and has expressed on behalf of all Muslims in the Cadiz region and Spain his “rejection and condemnation of this terrible criminal act, which constitutes a total contempt for human life and the servants of God.” Other groups such as the Islamic Commission of Melilla have expressed themselves in the same terms.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Cesar Garcia Maganhas asked that no group be “demonized” nor fall into demagogy or in identifying terrorism with any religion. The use of violence, he added, is “especially serious” when it is intended to “wrongly justify” in the name of God.

The parish priest of the church of Nuestra Señora de La Palma de Algeciras assures that there has always been a “good relationship” with the Muslim community

The parish priest of the church of Nuestra Señora de La Palma de Algeciras – one of those attacked -, Juan Jose Marinahas assured that there has always been a “good relationship” with the Muslim community and “there has never been any problem” with any of its members.

The priest has recounted that, before this attack, there has never been any problem with the islamic community and has specified that the parish has “a particularly large opening” and that 75% of the people who come to the Cáritas service are Muslims.

The mayor of Algeciras recalled that 129 different nationalities coexist in the city and that “harmony and tolerance always reign”.

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