A train accident leaves at least 36 dead and dozens injured in Greece

The crash of two trains north of Larissa in central Greece last night has shocked the country. The death toll is provisional and is expected to increase in the coming hours. There are still bodies to be recovered and twenty-five of the wounded are serious.


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The rail accident has left at least 36 dead and more than 85 injured, 25 of them seriously.


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Firefighters and rescue teams operate after the collision between the two trains, some 376 kilometers north of Athens.


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The trains, one passenger and one commercial, collided shortly before local midnight (22:00 GMT) near Tempe.


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A total of 346 travelers and 20 crew members were traveling in them, the Hellenic Train railway company has detailed.


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Two cranes work on the ground lifting one of the wagons collided in the accident.


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The passenger train covered the Athens-Thessaloniki route; the commercial train just the opposite (Thessaloniki-Athens).


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The balance of victims is provisional. Firefighters estimate that among the remains of the third passenger car there are still a dozen bodies.


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Several carriages derailed, and at least three caught fire, in the accident.


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The 250 people who were unharmed or slightly injured were taken by bus to Thessaloniki, 130 kilometers north of the crash site.


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The trains were going at high speed at the time of impact, so the drivers and other crew members died immediately.


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The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, stated this Wednesday on Twitter that “all of Europe is in mourning”.


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His thoughts, Von Der Leyen added, “are with the people of Greece after the terrible train accident that cost so many lives.”


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