A tip leads the police to the Arade dam in search of Madeleine McCann’s pink pajamas

The first joint operation by the Portuguese and German police in search of Madeleine McCann since 2014 has been extended for at least one more day, so this Thursday dozens of agents they continue combing the reservoir de Arade where it is believed that the main suspect in the disappearance of the British minor -Christian Brueckner- could dump the body of the little one

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters has stated on several occasions that they have evidence that the sexual predator, with a long criminal record behind him, is guilty of murder of the girl. Evidence that they prefer to keep secret for now and also “a breath” to which they give a lot of credibility. newspapers like the sun talk about the call “a German drug dealer”who would be a friend of Brueckner’s and would have led them to the swamp.

Since it is really unlikely that biological remains can be collected in the dam after 16 years, the researchers are mainly looking for bones and other objects that may shed light on the girl’s death in May 2007. Among them, the pink pajamas with drawings of Winnie The Pooh that Maddie was wearing the night she was taken from her bed, at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz (Portugal).

It should be remembered that Brueckner’s residence was approximately three kilometers from the complex The one where the McCanns were vacationing when Maddie was kidnapped, and that the positioning of her mobile phone placed her in the area on the night of the events. They also found a chat in which she spoke of her desire to take a minor, torture him, and dispose of her body. And they found remains – of which the details have not been disclosed, but which are related to the case – in his van / motorhome in 2016.

In addition, thousands of images and videos of pornography childishas well as a large number of girl swimsuits. He is a sexual predator by the book, with a history of rape and pedophilia. In the search that they carried out in 2020 in a shed that they frequented in Germany years ago, they found a hidden zulo. The cabin was demolished, but under its rubble there were still toys and other children’s belongings, as well as a pen drive (portable storage device) with pedophile material.

The discovery was made in the context of Inga Gehricke’s research. The little one, known as the maddie german, was 5 years old and disappeared in 2015, during a barbecue in a wooded area of ​​Stendal. It so happens that she lost track of him about 50 miles from Brueckner’s creepy secret basement. The suspect confessed admiration for the Austrian Josef Fritzl, the amstetten monster -who raped and kept his wife and daughter locked up for decades- a person close to him.

The international press reports that the agents participating in the operation that began on Tuesday at the Arade dam, could also be looking for possible remains of other minors who disappeared in the algarve at the time when the suspect lived in this area of ​​the Portuguese coast. He lived there from 1995 to 2007, which is why he was investigated for similar cases such as that of René Hesse. A 6-year-old boy reportedly taken away while playing on a nearby beach in 1996.

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