A street in South Africa exploded, the possible causes behind the disaster that left dozens injured

An explosion the size of an action movie occurred in johannesburgnorth of South Africa. Last Wednesday the 19th, as evidenced in a video, a street exploded leaving 48 injured and one dead.

The accident could be linked to multiple causes. The municipal administrator of this town, Floyd Brink, listed the possible triggers for this fatal event:

  • Ignition of methane gas in underground stormwater system due to ingress of wastewater.
  • Ignition of natural gas mixed with oxygen in underground stormwater drainage systems or service lines.
  • The ignition of gas coming from the rupture of a gas pipe.

Due to the explosion, a huge hole was left in the road. Several people fell in the place and affected a considerable number of vehicles. In the case of nearby buildings, authorities specified that there is no risk to its residents.

At the same time, the head of the province Panyaza Lesufiassured that all private and public companies with infrastructures in the city have been called to review their systems to trace the origin.

The incident comes two weeks after a gas leak in the Angelo settlement claimed the lives of 17 people (three children) a few kilometers from johannesburg.

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