A ‘streaming’ of The Wild Project and the Eurovision 2022 final, among the most viewed videos on YouTube this year

MADRID, Dec. 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

A Streaming from The Wild Project and the final of the Eurovision 2022 contest are among the most viewed videos during this year 2022 on YouTube, which has recently published a list of contents most popular on the platform.

This relationship is divided into different categories, such as ‘Top Videos, ‘Top Music Videos’, ‘Top creators’ and ‘Top new creators’. In addition, this year the ‘Popular Top Shorts’ section is added to this list.

The ‘Shorts’ are a short vertical video experience, lasting from 15 to 60 seconds, for mobile, featuring a very similar look which characterizes the social network TikTok.

This format has been “has marked more trend this year”, according to YouTube, which has highlighted that the one that has registered the highest volume of visits has been IAmPlexa content creator with 8.7 million subscribers, with his video ‘My neighbor stole my dog’.

They are followed by MatWolf16 with ‘WHEN YOU ASKED YOUR MOTHER for more FOOD’; ‘GUESS THE COLOR CHALLENGE WITH MY GRANDMOTHER’, by NachitoJuegaJuegos; ‘When you go to a disco in the future’, by animaLize21: and ‘Ouch…’, by Celine & Michiel, as YouTube has indicated in a statement sent to Europa Press.

Next, ‘Sing o… water!! Challenge with team 2’, by Lyna; ‘THE TANGERINE TRICK – DANIELA’, by Daniela Baby Pink; ‘Smart Bug’, from Follow Me Now; ‘What happens if you break an egg underwater?, by itsKrufy, and ‘Different types of people: Are you 1, 2 or 3?’, by Kirya Kolesnikov.

On the other hand, it is the ‘youtuber’ The Wild Project who has risen to the top of the list of most popular videos with ‘His relationship with Masi, The importance of his family, EL Timing’.

This list continues with the Grand Final of the Eurovision 2022 contest in Turin, Ibai Llanos with ‘I give 300 euros to the one who makes me laugh the most’, Crazy Mouse with ‘These dogs are banned worldwide’ and ‘I returned to first grade for a day’, published on the channel MrBeast in Spanish.

The Super Bowl 2022 Performance, with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamarr, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige; the ‘great game of youtubers 2’, with DjMaRiio and TheGrefg; and Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the Oscars on March 27, are other of the essentials of this 2022 for YouTube users.

As for the most viewed video clips, Quevedo and Bizarrap head the list with ‘BZRP Music Sessions’; ‘Cayó La Noche Remix’, by La Pantera; ‘I congratulate you’, by Shakira and Rauw Alejadnro; Karol G with ‘Provence’, and Bad Bunny with ‘Ttití Me Preguntó’.

The list is completed by RVFV, Kikimoteleba with ‘TIGINI REMIX’, BENY JR FT. MORAD with ‘Sigue’, Becky G with Karol G and ‘Mamiii’, ‘Despechá’ by Rosalía and ‘VILLANO ANTILLANO’ by Bizarrap.


The other two relationships that YouTube has revealed around the most viewed content creators highlight that Alejo Igoa He has been one of the most watched ‘youtubers’ this 2022.

This appears both on the list of ‘Top Creators’in second position –only surpassed by ARTA GAME–, as well as in that of ‘Top Breakthrough Creators’which leads, followed by Rubén Tuesta official, YOLO AVENTURAS, Elias Dosunmu and Sergio Encinas Official.

This list of new creators is completed with Paul Ferrer Shorts, Alex Segura LR- Canal Seuncario, Susy Mouriz, angel_gaitan_oficial and Fabru Blacutt.

On the contrary, in the ‘Top Creators’, in addition to ARTA GAME and Alejo Igoa, there are MrBeast in Spanish, The Wild Project, YoSoyPlex, IlloJuanRubén Tuesta oficial, Ibai, Inmagic and Mikecrack.

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