A Russian journalist dies during a bombing in kyiv

The war in ukraine continues to leave bad news. the russian journalist Oxana Baulinafrom the Russian opposition media The Insider, He died during a bombing against a shopping center in kyiv where he was working, according to what the media reported on Wednesday.

The journalist was recording the destruction generated by the continuous attacks of the Russian Army in the same shopping center that was hit by a missile and that caused her death. Other civil She also died and two people who were with her were injured and remain hospitalized.

With her, there are already seven journalists who have died covering the conflict. precede her Dilerbek Shukurovich Shakirov (killed on the third day of the war, in the city of Jershon), the cameraman Yevgeny Sakun (in Kyiv), Viktor Doubt (in Mikolaiv), the American Brent Renaud (in Irpin), Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra Kurshynovathese last two employed by foxnews and deceased in Horenka, on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

The Insider is one of the Russian media declared as “foreign agent” for receiving financing from abroad. Before joining this medium, Oxana Baulina had worked as a producer for the Anticorruption Fund of the main Russian opponent, Alexei Navalnicurrently incarcerated.


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