A priest who scandalizes Poland: gay orgies, overdoses and alleged prostitution

The Polish community of Dąbrowa Górnicza was surprised by a controversial episode involving the local priest. According to what was reported in the local media, a priest organized a gay orgy in his apartment and invited two friends, although one is suspected of being a prostitute. During the meeting, one of them suffered a overdosed and almost lost his lifeso a legal investigation into the episode was launched.

The event occurred during the night of August 30 in the apartment of the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Angels. The Polish media Fakt reported that the priest Tomasz Zmarzły, 48, invited the men to his home. Furthermore, the portal indicated that both would have been clergymen and that the meeting included the consumption of highly potent illegal substances.

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In the middle of the night, one of those involved expressed concern about the health of one of the attendees, who was not feeling well due to drug use. However, according to sources who spoke with the Polish media, The man was expelled from the place as a result of his insistence on contacting the authorities. Given the refusal to help the individual, she decided to call emergency services.

After the call, which took place around one in the morning, paramedics arrived at the scene, but had problems accessing the apartment. For this reason, they contacted the authorities. When they entered the site they discovered a naked and unconscious man on the ground. The individual, who was still breathing, was taken to the emergency department of the Dąbrowa Górnicza hospital. Once he was stabilized, he left the facility of his own free will.

Tomasz Zmarzły (48) is being investigated for failing to assist the unconscious man.

Authorities launched an investigation into the priest for his refusal to help his friend. “The local prosecutor’s office is carrying out a procedure for lack of assistance to a person whose life is in danger“, reported Deputy Prosecutor Czesław Kurpiś.

Both the priest and the two attendees of the orgy were subjected to toxicological tests to determine what substances they had consumed. However, the authorities did not make the results of the analyzes public.

The day after the events, the priest denied to his superiors in the Church that it was a gay orgy. However, a source close to the incident told the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza Zmarzły’s participation: “The event was organized by the cleric and was purely sexual”.

The Church investigation

Father Andrzej Stasiak revealed to Fakt who had informed the Sosnowiec Curia about the situation. For this reason, the diocese of Sosnowiec issued an official statement announcing the formation of a commission to “urgently clarify” the facts and circumstances of the incident.

“Due to media information about the event that occurred in the parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Angels in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the Diocesan Curia of Sosnowiec informs that, on September 12 of this year, the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Angels in Dąbrowa Górnicza informed the Diocesan Curia of Sosnowiec in writing about the ‘intervention of the ambulance and the police’ in the apartment of one of the priests. “On the same day, Bishop Sosnowiecki appointed a commission to urgently clarify the facts and circumstances of the situation,” the statement reads.

Tomasz Zmarzly
The apartment where the events occurred. (Source: Fakt)

In addition to this, they stated that the versions published in the media differed from the conclusions reached by the ecclesiastical entities. “In light of the Commission’s conclusions so far, it should be noted that Their conclusions differ from the information presented by some media outlets.“, they indicated.

Furthermore, they specified that “the Bishop is periodically informed about the results of the Commission’s work.” “After completing his work and determining the circumstances of the incident, the Bishop will take the appropriate measures provided for by canon law“, they concluded.

“It is not the first sexual scandal”: the testimony of a priest

In dialogue with Fakt, Father Kazimierz Sowa criticized the actions of the Bishop of Sosnowiec, Grzegorz Kaszak, whom he urged to take immediate measures. “I was not the only one who criticized the situation in the diocese of Sosnowiec. In my (Facebook) post the voices of priests from different parts of Poland and from different dioceses were heard,” he said.

In addition to this, he considered that “one cannot continue accusing that the media is to blame when one cannot address the problems in one’s own environment and take decisive reactions.” “For me, the bishop’s appointment of another commission to explain that ‘events took a completely different course’ It is a mockery of the people, not only of the lay circles, but also of the priests“, he stated.

Likewise, he was not surprised by the fact, indicating through social networks that there are too many precedents of this type in the diocese of Sosnowiec. “This is not the first sexual scandal, specifically homosexual, in this diocese”, he commented, referring to a case from 2013, when the Vatican dissolved the diocesan seminary of Sosnowiec in Krakow. “One of the reasons was allegedly the homosexual behavior and tendencies of the people who ran this institution,” Sowa wrote.

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He also recalled an event that occurred in March 2023, when two clerics died after an alleged homicide and suicideeither. The hypothesis is that a priest stabbed a deacon and threw himself onto the tracks. The investigation in that case is still ongoing and the motive for the crime has not been clarified. “The causes of this incident have not yet been explained or made public, which has not calmed public opinion about the sexual nature of this crime“said Sowa.

Based on this background, Sowa believed that the bishop of Sosnowiec should resign from his position. “In each of these cases, the only reaction of the ecclesiastical authorities is to recommend prayer (never enough) and appoint another commission,” he said. “As you can see, the effectiveness of such actions is quite limited, which leads to the thesis that a decisive reaction from the Vatican and the appointment of a new bishop for this diocese is needed“he concluded.


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