A Palestinian prisoner receives a master’s degree from Birzeit University


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Ramallah / Muhammad Ghafari / Anatolia

Palestinian prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi, one of the prisoners of the “Great Escape”, received a master’s degree from Birzeit University in the central West Bank on Friday.

Birzeit University said in a post on its official Facebook account that Samira, the daughter of captive student Zakaria Al-Zubaidi, received her father’s graduation certificate from the Master’s Program in Contemporary Arab Studies.

On Friday, Birzeit University organized the 47th annual graduation ceremony for its students, which included the faculties of law, public administration, and graduate studies.

Al-Zubaidi had joined the MA program in Contemporary Arab Studies at Birzeit University, and before discussing his graduation thesis, he was arrested by Israeli special forces from Ramallah on February 27, 2019.

On Saturday, Al-Zubaidi’s master’s thesis will be reviewed at Birzeit University, entitled “The Hunter and the Dragon: Hunting in the Palestinian Experience 1968-2018”.

Al-Zubaidi’s master’s thesis, which he completed while in captivity, talks about the experience of the Palestinian persecutor by the Israeli authorities.

Al-Zubaidi, 46, is one of six prisoners who escaped through a tunnel from the high-security Gilboa prison in northern Israel on September 6, and Israel re-arrested him with the rest of the escaped prisoners.

He has been detained since 2019, and has escaped assassination 4 times, and is accused of being the former leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank, affiliated with the “Fatah” movement.

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