A new configuration will reduce direct messages ‘spam’ from verified users on Twitter

MADRID, July 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter has announced that it has added a new setting for direct messages (also known by its acronym in English, DM), with which it hopes to reduce ‘spam’ inbox messages sent by verified users.

This format will cause messages sent by followed users to arrive in the main inbox and messages from unfollowed verified usersenter through the message request tray.

Until now, for a user to be able to receive direct messages from users who were not included in their ‘Followed’ list, they had to have enabled an option in the platform’s configuration section.

verified users -that is, those who have the famous blue badge of the platform, the result of their subscription to Twitter Blue- also had the ability to send messages to anyone, which has sometimes generated the distribution of ‘spam’.

Likewise, users who at some point had had a conversation in this way could continue to send direct messages, whether or not they followed each other on Twitter, as TechCrunch recalls.

The platform has implemented now a series of changes to its direct message policy, with a setting that limits the destination of direct messages depending on who sends them.

“Messages from users you follow will go to your main inbox and messages from verified users you don’t follow will go to your message request inbox”, has nuanced from his account TwitterSupport.

This way, users who previously had their permissions set to allow message requests from everyone will now have this feature by default, although they can change this filtering “at any time”.

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