A Moroccan party demands the withdrawal of its representative from the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Israel

Rabat / Anatolia

A Moroccan opposition party demanded, on Tuesday, the Speaker of Parliament, Talbi Alami (the first chamber of Parliament), to withdraw his representative from the Moroccan-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group.

A parliamentarian told Anadolu Agency, preferring not to be named, that “Rashid Hamouni, head of the parliamentary bloc of the (oppositional leftist) Party of Progress and Socialism, contacted Al-Alami, requesting that a representative of the party be withdrawn from the list of the Moroccan-Israeli Friendship Group.”

The spokesman added, “We do not want membership in the Friendship Group, and the presence of the name of a representative of our parliamentary bloc is just an administrative error.”

Last Tuesday, Rabat announced the formation of the Moroccan-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group.

This came according to the official website of the Moroccan Parliament (the first chamber of Parliament).

The Council’s website published the names of the members of the Moroccan-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group, without mentioning the date of its establishment.

The group included in its membership representatives of the various parliamentary blocs, with the exception of the “National Rally of Independents” bloc, the leader of the government coalition, and the opposition “Justice and Development” bloc.

The council said that the group “is headed by parliamentarian Noureddine al-Harushi, who belongs to the parliamentary bloc of the Constitutional Union party (opposition).”

For his part, a parliamentary source told Anadolu Agency, preferring not to be named, that “the group has not done any work since its formation, and its formation comes within the framework of what the Moroccan parliament is doing within the framework of parliamentary diplomacy with all countries that have relations with the Kingdom,” without further details.

On November 21, the House of Representatives ratified the first agreement signed with Israel related to international services.

On December 10, 2020, Israel and Morocco announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between them after they were suspended in 2000, after Rabat froze relations due to the outbreak of the second Palestinian intifada.

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