A Madrid court investigates Ayuso and two former councilors for deaths in residences during covid-19

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Collado Villalba is investigating the responsibility of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoand the former councilors Enrique Lopez and Enrique Ruiz Escudero in the deaths of the elderly in the region’s residences during the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic.

In an order dated October 2, the judge reopened the case regarding the three accused, by order of the Provincial Court of Madrid, and agreed to carry out proceedings to determine whether or not there are indications of the commission of a crime. crime of homicide or reckless injuries u omission of duty relief.

The Provincial Court of Madrid estimated the appeal raised against the order in which the provisional dismissal of the case regarding the president and the two former Ministers of Justice and Health.

The complaint has been filed by the relatives of a person who died in March 2020 in the residential center Torrelodones-Sanitas Mayores.

Among other proceedings, the judge summons the former Minister of Social Policies to testify as witnesses on November 7. Alberto Reyeroto the former general director of Social and Health Coordination of the Community of Madrid Carlos Mur and the former director of Public Health Yolanda Fuentes to clarify its relationship with the protocols for not referring older people from residences to hospitals during the first wave of the pandemic.

Likewise, it asks the Ministry of Health to contribute to the court the crash planannounced on March 26, 2020, its development, implementation and resources used in it.

You must also provide the coordination protocols for the care of institutionalized patients in nursing homes in the Community of Madrid during covid-19, adopted by the General Directorate of Socio-Health Coordination and health resources and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided by the Community of Madrid to the residences broken down by date.

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