A Kirchnerist mass unleashes the anger of the Argentines before the complicit silence of the Pope

The argentinian church and the Catholic community are extremely angry after the Kirchnerists converted a mass for peace celebrated this Saturday in the Basilica of Lujan in a political propaganda act. Even the archbishop himself who was presiding over the celebration has ended up apologizing for having allowed himself to be manipulated by the ruling party, which is already planning a meeting in the Vatican between the president Alberto Fernandez and Pope Francis Imute and complicit at the moment before the intentions of Peronism.

Last Tuesday, the bishops summoned their faithful to pray for “coexistence” after the increase in political tension among Argentines. After the prosecutor Diego Luciani ask for 12 years in prison and lifelong disqualification for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner In the Vialidad case, the vice president’s supporters did not hesitate to organize disturbances and attack the police guarding Kirchner’s house. Added to the clashes was the more than questionable alleged attack against the former president, so the threat of a social explosion in Argentina is more than evident at this time.

The next day, the Argentine government asked the Archbishop of Mercedes-Luján, Jorge Scheining, to celebrate a mass “for peace and fraternity” to respond to the wishes of the bishops. However, the leadership of the Church quickly saw what the true intentions of Kirchnerism were: to appropriate the religious celebration.

Despite the discomfort among Catholics (religious and lay), the archbishop accepted and on Saturday a mass was celebrated in the Basilica of Luján, which was attended only by the best-known faces of Peronism, beginning with President Alberto Fernández. Just as the bishops feared, the mass was a trap and became an act of Kirchnerist propaganda. Even Archbishop Scheinig himself, aware of the controversy, apologized after presiding over the celebration: “I messed up, I apologize”.

The apologies have not appeased the Argentine Catholic community and the bishops are even considering publishing a statement to distance themselves from the Kirchnerist act on Saturday. According to the newspaper The nationmany of them are concerned that this type of confusing message will be perceived by the faithful as a approach to Kirchnerism, plagued by accusations of corruption. They have also denounced that, in addition to political manipulation, the collection programmed to help the poorest has been completely relegated to the background.

As published Clarionthe government assesses the possibility that the president travels to the Vatican on October 9 to participate in the canonization of the Italian-Argentine Salesian nurse Artémides Zatti. “Obviously, the great objective of the ruling party is for Pope Francis to receive Alberto Fernández” despite the fact that the relationship between the two has cooled in recent years.

“Be that as it may, in the Casa Rosada they insist on sticking to the Church and assure that, if the president does not go, a relevant delegation will be sent,” affirms this newspaper. For the time being, the Pope has avoided commenting on Kirchner’s despicable attempts to manipulate the faithful and politically appropriate religion.


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