A former Venezuelan minister and false evidence against Podemos in exchange for a new life

Seven years ago something happened, too crude to be true and too crude to be a joke, between three Spanish police officers at the service of the PP and the former finance minister of Hugo Chavez, raphael isea. We could summarize the whole case in a single sentence: Isea knew that the document that the police officers presented to him against Can it was very crude, but still, it confirmed its authenticity.

In 2016 three agents of the National Police of Spain They traveled to New York to meet with Rafael Isea, who in 2008 was in charge of the Ministry of Finance of Venezuela and then governed in the state of Aragua.

The meeting was held within the framework of the investigation of the alleged illegal financing of Podemos, and the objective was for Isea to confirm the authenticity of a payment order of 7,100,000 euros that the government of Hugo Chávez would have made in 2008 to the CEPS Foundationin which various people who later created Podemos worked.

Although it was crude, we had to go with it and with Isea: there were two months left before the elections in Spain and the polls placed Podemos close to becoming the second force in the country.

The policemen summoned Isea in the Consulate of Spain in New York and they assured him, according to Isea’s own testimony, that they came on behalf of the Spanish government. As the document, apparently, was similar to the evidence that he usually presents okdiarythey promised Isea that if he endorsed it, they would get his relatives out of Venezuela and guarantee them a new life in Spain.

Three years after that appointment, some recordings of that meeting came to light in which it is clear that Isea had a hard time recognizing his signature on that paper, he was not even in Caracas when he supposedly signed it.

Isea saw a number of details in those documents that did not match what real documents would look like. Neither Chávez’s signature matched, nor his own, nor the initials. “Chávez did not accept those kinds of mistakes,” says Isea. But nonetheless, he went ahead with the statement.

In effect, he confirmed everything because, on the one hand, they promised him that his testimony would not be made public and, on the other, that in exchange for confirmation they would take his family out of Venezuela to give them a new life. After certifying the lie, Isea withdrew from the consulate, but hours later they summoned him again. Do you know why? Because they forgot to include in his statement the names of Pablo Iglesias, Juan Carlos Monedero and Jorge Vestrynge. They wanted your last names to appear there, right next to President Chávez and the sum that he supposedly would have paid you.

Isea signed that redacted statement and waited for the new life that he was promised in exchange for, basically, lying (or at least not being quite sure if he had told the truth).

Well yes, shortly after that false testimony, the newspaper abc posted a mega exclusive, mentioning Isea as the main source with a first and last name. “Rafael Isea wrote the document to which the newspaper has had access abc. abc publishes today the definitive proof to prove that the political party Podemos was born as an extension of Chavismo in Spain,” the publication warned.

The “Spanish government” that was going to lend a hand to Isea never appeared and that’s when our former minister regretted it. In an interview with The country He confessed that he felt used by the Police, he said that he did not know that the intention was to harm Podemos politically, that he believed that what those policemen were trying to find out was whether those alleged millions of euros had been declared to the Treasury. “they manipulated methey put my family at risk,” he says.

The story of Isea is very sad. But it is also true that when you are willing to cheerfully (and seriously) harm the lives of others to obtain benefits for yourself and your family, knowing that the statement you are signing is false, you should not expect them to behave with you either. in the best of ways.

And yes, it is very serious that agents of the security forces and bodies conspire, with everyone’s money, to change the political course of the country. But this gentleman did not find it strange and he entered the game without even blinking. He was willing to lie, making sure that his name would not come to light. In short, it was he who put his family at risk by lying, even though he now wants to appear and show himself to us as an “innocent” victim.

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