A few days after his debut: how much do tickets cost for Lionel Messi’s first game with Inter Miami

Lionel Messi He is currently on vacation with his family in Rosario and while that is happening, fans of the inter miami they try to book a ticket to see one of his first games. The main novelty has been the increase in prices on the different platforms.

According to information advanced by the owner of the club, George More, He maintained that his debut with the herons would be next July 21 in a confrontation against the group of Blue Cross.

Although in the Eastern Conference of the MLSthe team is located in the last position and has six falls in a row, the expectation and enthusiasm for the presence of Messi have increased and for this reason the increase in the price of the localities of all the matches of the current season is justified.

It is important to note that before the arrival of the captain of the staggered, the prices for the game against the Mexican team for the League Cup They were close to $40. After confirming the transfer of Rosario, the price was increased to 500 dollars and in recent days the resales have reached the price of 1100 dollars. Some tickets are even fetching figures in excess of $10,000.

Another detail to keep in mind is that the PNK Stadium DVR It is located in Fort Lauderdale and has a capacity to hold 19,000 spectators. The idea that the club has is to carry out works to increase it to 22,000 in the coming weeks.


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