A comfortable majority of Congress approves the third Budgets of the coalition government and sends them to the Senate


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The General State Budget (PGE) of 2023 They have received the support of a large majority of the chamber this Thursday, which is reissued for the third time in this legislature marked by the agreements between the political forces before the parliamentary minority of the parties that make up the Executive of PSOE and United We Can.

Most of the votes on the sections of the budget project have had the support of up to 187 and 188 deputies thanks to the sum of PSOE (120), Unidas Podemos (33), ERC (13), PNV (6), EH Bildu (5), PDeCAT (4), Más País (2), Compromís (1), Canarian Coalition (2), PRC (1) and former deputy Meri Pita.

The BNG deputy, Néstor Rego, has abstained, as in previous Budgets, while the PP, Vox, Cs, Junts, the CUP, the two defecting UPN deputies, the former Cs deputy Pablo Cambronero, Foro Asturias and Teruel Exists They have voted against.

The spokesman for the Republicans in Congress, Gabriel Ruffianhas confirmed this Thursday from the rostrum the endorsement of the 13 ERC deputies to the Budgets, emphasizing the useful policy: “It has been a long time since we said that we were fed up with militarizing exclusively in morality, we also want to militarize in utility” , stressed the parliamentarian.

Apart from the agreement with the Government to repeal the crime of seditiona measure that both parties separate from the Budgets, ERC has agreed with those of Pedro Sánchez the transfer to Catalonia of €900 million to undertake works on “key” infrastructures in the rail and road sectors, in addition to including mechanisms for budget execution in the region, among other measures.

The latter was one of the main premises that the Catalan independence force included in this year’s negotiation given the poor execution of the budgeted items in the two previous public accounts of the State, which also had their support.

All in all, once again the progressive majority in Congress takes precedence over the No from the right, who have once again rejected the public accounts using lies and half-truths about the economic forecasts included in the budget project.

In this sense, the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monterohas thanked all the parliamentary groups that have made the approval of the Budgets possible and that have put “the interest of Spain” before “ideological issues”, which has allowed “always to put the citizen first”.

Montero herself took the yellow book to Congress at the beginning of October and, after “sweating the shirt” in a new and tough negotiation, she has achieved broad endorsement of public accounts by introducing dozens of amendments from the government’s parliamentary allies. Now, the budget project makes the leap to the Senate, where the Government hopes to finish off its processing there so that they are approved in a timely manner.

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